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34-Inch Rims For Big Wheel Baggers

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Big Wheels

You often see custom baggers with oversized 34-inch rims on the front wheel. If you own a custom bike shop, putting 34-inch wheels on a motorcycle may be a frequent request from your clients. It’s not an easy job to do, so most everyday riders won’t risk-taking on the task themselves.

However, it is not so easy for bike shops to find 34-inch rims for bagger bikes either. That’s where SMT Wheels comes in.


34-Inch Front Rims From SMT

For custom forged billet motorcycle wheels, the only real choice is SMT Wheels. We are leading the pack on 34 inch big wheels. Whether your riders are looking for parts for a Harley, Yamaha, Indian, Victory, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, or any other motorcycle brand you can think of, SMT Wheels custom wheels are the best choice.

The 34-inch wheels from SMT are forged wheels manufactured in the U.S.A. SMT is one of the only manufacturers with the tools and experience to craft complex designs such as 3D wheels and contrast cuts at an exceptionally high quality. We even boast a less expensive 2D version of all of our 34-inch wheel designs and are currently the only provider to do so.

“We use SMT Wheels. The fitment, customer service, and quality are second to none, just like our bikes. Thanks SMT for making such a wonderful product.”


– Paul, Convict Customz, YouTube Review


Power House Custom Cycles using SMT 34-Inch 3D V-Arm wheel with dual 18

Erik Contreras at Power House Custom Cycles got his SMT 34-Inch 3D V-Arm rim with dual 18″ floating rotors.


Custom 34-Inch Motorcycle Wheels

SMT has an impressive line of 34-inch rims. We are always the first choice with riders and shop owners alike because we continually offer exciting new product options allowing riders to achieve their dream customizations.

As an SMT Wheels dealer, you not only get access to the entire stock of products we have, but you will also receive special wholesale pricing along with our exceptional customer service and technical support services.

We also build out custom cut-to-order parts made from aircraft-grade American-manufactured 6061 T6 forged aluminum alloy. Your clients get the top-quality product they expect when they come to you, crafted from the finest materials.

Quality and fulfillment will never be an issue. We create our 34-inch rims to be exact replacements for their stock components and ride better than OEM.

If a problem should arise (because no one can be perfect all the time), we have the best customer service and support team in the business. They handle any issues and won’t rest until that wheel fits like a glove.



Custom 34-inch Rim Design

Many riders these days want a custom bagger. But you can’t get a custom design when you buy off the shelf. As a shop owner, you want to provide this custom service to your riders, but you can deliver it well only if you know. That’s why you need a partner you can trust.

We have over +100 wheel designs to choose from with thousands of variations. We have been doing this so long, our art form is down to a science, and whatever your riders want, we can make it happen.

View our full gallery of product videos and images here.


The Best Reputation in The Business

Our motorcycle wheels are showcased in so many motorcycle magazines and win so many shows. Custom builders use SMT Wheels because they know the wheels will fit, we have the most designs available, and the customer service is unmatched.


Trusted and Tested

Building quality 34-inch wheels is not an easy task, but our engineering team gets it done and takes the time to do it right. We use SolidWorks and MasterCam to design and program our top-of-the-line machinery to create stunning custom forged wheels.

We even built our own proprietary software that allows us to simulate the stresses and rigors of the road on our wheels, helping us further improve product quality. Only once we are satisfied with the durability and safety of a 34-inch wheel we design will we cut it and then test the design.

Testing involves sending out a 34-inch rim to get crushed (it brings a tear to our eyes too), to make sure our design work holds up to real-world conditions. It’s not just only about looking good. These wheels need to perform and be safe. Our wheels exceed the JASO standards for wheel manufacturing. We are so confident in the strength of our wheels that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on the structural integrity of your wheel!

*Featured image credit – Power House Cycles using SMT’s 34-inch 3D V-Arm rim on their custom motorcycle build.