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About SMT Wheels

Leading the Pack

SMT Wheels is leading the pack in the custom forged billet motorcycle wheels industry. We offer everything from 34″ big wheels to 18×13 wide chopper wheels with a fit like a glove guarantee for almost any motorcycle out there. Harley, Yamaha, Indian, Victory, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, and so on.

In fact, we’re the only company to offer an affordable 2D 34″ wheel.

Whether it be custom builds to shaft drive metric bikes, you name it we make it. And, if we have not yet made it, we at SMT have a team of engineers to take on any task. We have been operating out of Glendale, AZ since 2001 with some of the best prices in the industry along with the best quality and top-of-the-line customer service that can’t be matched anywhere else.

When you make that final decision to go with SMT Wheels not only are you going to be riding with the best but you will join our family of dedicated and loyal builders dealers and more than satisfied customers. So when that time comes to make that old hog new again or turn that daily rider into a show stopper just remember, “RIDE WITH THE BEST”. For all the latest and greatest like our Facebook page SMTMachining and join our large and growing family!

We never compromise quality, fitment, or design on any of our custom motorcycle parts and wheels.

Hot Rod Wheel Featured in Magazine
Edge Wheel Featured in Urban Bagger

Manufacturer & Distributor of Custom Motorcycle Wheels/Parts Since 2001

High Quality

SMT Wheels was founded in 2001 by Ted and Sebastian Glod (father and son) who have over 70 years of experience in the custom parts and machining industry. They have combined their extensive knowledge of machining with the latest motorcycle designs to bring you a product that will definitely turn heads. However, you will need to FEEL and SEE our custom rims and parts for yourself to truly appreciate their quality.


SMT Hurricane custom motorcycle wheel

High Quality

All SMT Wheels custom motorcycle parts and wheels are manufactured from the highest quality Aircraft-Grade 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum at our Glendale, Arizona facility and distributed internationally. This is the same aluminum the U.S. Government uses in military aircraft which means less scratches, gouges, and is very corrosion resistant. Like we have always said “If it’s good enough for a fighter jet… then it’s good enough for your bike!”

SMT Blade Runner custom motorcycle wheel

Exact Fitment

Every custom motorcycle part or wheel we create is designed to replace the manufacturer’s stock part/rim exact so you won’t have installation issues. If there is ever a fitment issue you can call us and we will do whatever is in our power to make sure the situation is handled.

SMT Pnthouse custom motorcycle wheel

Custom Design

All you have to do is check out some of our custom motorcycle parts or wheels to know we have some of the most creative and sickest minds in the industry! It won’t take you long to find our parts…they are all over the show-bikes and magazines you see throughout the industry.