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3 Ways To Improve Your Motorcycle’s Performance & Get A Better Ride

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Motorcycle Performance

There is a reason you have invested money and time in your motorcycle: the adrenaline rush of a good ride, to get away from the family, or to just be badass. This can mean you have a need for speed, need a getaway or you simply enjoy it when your bike handles the road smoothly.

Whether you are a proud new bike owner and you wish to make some customizations, or you have had your bike for a while and want to improve its performance, here are the three most effective ways to get a better motorcycle ride while improving performance at the same time.

1. Install Fat Tires

It is easy to understand why fat tires have experienced such a surge in popularity when you consider the many benefits they offer for your ride.

Installing wide front tires offers different advantages than installing wide rear tires, so you can choose which combination you prefer. If you want your bike to handle corners well, a fat tire in the front is the way to go. If the alignment is important to you or putting rubber to the road, a fat tire in the rear is best.

Of course, you do not have to choose one or the other. One of the ways to get a better motorcycle ride is to upgrade both the front and rear wheel to fat tires. When you have a fat tire in both the front and back of your motorcycle, you will experience:

Better traction thanks to more rubber-to-road contact
Increased protection against slipping in wet conditions
Better absorption of bumps on the road, resulting in a smoother ride
More effective handling of stronger motorcycle engines due to better power transfer

2. Get A Fully Adjustable Suspension

While a suspension will not add extra miles per hour, it plays a critical role in preventing speed leakage. This issue occurs when your bike does not respond appropriately to your body commands and weight. Especially when you have a passenger or plenty of additional accessories that you’ve accumulated over the years. It is the reason getting an adjustable suspension is one of the ways to improve your motorcycle’s performance.

Compression damping and rebound damping are particularly important for overall feel, braking and traction. Compression damping controls the speed at which the springs compress, while rebound damping determines how quickly they resume their normal position after compressing. Together, they dictate how your tires contact the road.

3. Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Investing in an aftermarket exhaust system can pay off big time when it comes to speed gains. The reduced weight is the most obvious reason it is one of the ways to get a better motorcycle ride. However, it is not the only one.

An aftermarket exhaust system allows the engine to “breathe” better because it can expel the exhaust gases faster and more efficiently. An engine that breathes better performs better. In order to get the most out of this modification, you need to upgrade the full exhaust system, from the headers to the muffler.

Get The Parts To Kickstart Your Motorcycle’s Performance & Get A Better Ride

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