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Motorcycle Wheels And Tires Guide

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Motorcycle Tires, Motorcycle Wheels

You probably do not give much thought to the parts on your motorcycle when you are out on the open road enjoying the purr of your bike beneath you and the feel of fresh air on your face. We can hardly blame you for that!

However, when the time comes to upgrade or replace your wheels – whether for aesthetic or performance reasons – it is essential to know the basics so that you choose the best wheels and tires for your budget and needs. This handy motorcycle wheels and tires guide will help you get started by reviewing styles, types and sizes.

4 Motorcycle Rim Materials & Designs

Motorcycle wheels come in two different types of rims: solid wheels or spoke wheels. The rim and spokes are cast as a single unit in the former case, whereas the rims are laced with spokes in the latter case. Rims are available in several different types of designs.

1. Cast

Many motorcycle models are fitted with stock wheels made from cast aluminum. In most cases, you can choose between a polished or chrome finish.

2. Billet

If you want to take your rims to the next level, billet wheels are the way to go. If you are willing to splurge, you can even design your own.

3. Laced

When you think of traditional spoked wheels, you are thinking of laced rims. They get their structural strength from spokes laced between the rim and the hub and are usually made from aluminum.

4. Carbon Fiber/Lightweight Alloy

Typically used by racers, these rims will cost you a pretty penny for the speed advantages they offer.

4 Types of Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tire production has gotten increasingly sophisticated over the years and as a result, bikers can now find tires well suited to their riding style and to match their wheel style or overall theme of the motorcycle.

1. Cruiser

Designed for cruising many miles at highway speeds while carrying riders and their luggage, cruiser tires of durable harder rubber compounds. They are meant to be ridden in a mostly straight line rather than taking corners aggressively.

2. Dual Sport

These tires are true multi-taskers. They handle well on paved surfaces and off-road. The way dual-sport tires are labeled indicates the percentage of time rider spends on either. For example, a tire labeled 80/20 street should be used by riders who stay on the street 80% of the time and off-road the other 20%.

3. Sport

When you buy sport tires, you will get the highest level of grip along with high-speed performance and mileage. There are designed with less tread than other types of tires to give them more of a contact patch on smooth surfaces.

4. Off-Road

There are many considerations you should take into account when purchasing off-road tires including the specific terrain where you ride, size and compound. Many varieties of off-road tires exist, and because of this, it is absolutely critical to choose yours based on these factors.

Choosing Your Motorcycle Tire Size

Few things have more of an impact on the safety and performance of your motorcycle than the tire size. Next up in our motorcycle wheels and tires guide: The five factors you can use to determine the ideal tire size for your motorcycle.


The first number of second letter in a tire size will tell you the nominal width. Different size numbering systems use different measurements to specify widths.

Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio is a handy tool to use for indicating the cross-sectional profile of a tire. The smaller an aspect ratio, the lower the profile.

Speed Rating

This rating gives you the maximum speed at which a tire can be used based on maximum load and inflation pressure.


Divided into either belted or radial, tire construction affects load capacity, strength, flexibility and endurance against overheating.

Rim Diameter

Measured in inches, rim diameter is the diameter of the rim on which the tire will be mounted.

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