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Custom Motorcycle Racing Wheels

SMT RACINGV-Twin Racing & The Bagger Racing League


V-Twin Racing & The Bagger Racing League

SMT sponsors V-Twin Racing and Bagger Racing League

The new and exciting world of V-Twin Racing has lit a spark in the motorcycle industry. With many companies stepping up and pushing the manufacturing limits to offer top-of-the-line parts and wheels for some of the most extreme racing motorcycles we have yet to see.

Our involvement with the Bagger Racing League began when our sponsored stunt rider Danny Ruthless decided to take his riding skills to the next level. Watching him race and seeing everyone’s excitement lit the spark for us. Soon after we worked hand-in-hand with Danny to develop a custom motorcycle wheel specifically for racing.

RaceSpecCustom Motorcycle Racing Wheels


Custom Motorcycle Racing Wheels

RaceSpecRace-Only Motorcycle Wheels


Race-Only Motorcycle Wheels

What started as an idea quickly turned into reality. Going back and forth with Danny and changing this and adding that, finally turned into something great. With deep blind pockets and a stepped lip we were able to shave unnecessary weight but maintain the strength with added ribs.

Our RaceSpec wheel is a custom race-only motorcycle wheel that is only available in a 17″ x 3.5″, 17″ x 5.5″ and 17″ x 6.25″ to accommodate the wider 200mm tire. The RaceSpec wheel comes paired with our RaceLox performance hubs to minimize the total weight. A fully built racing wheel with hubs, hardware, and bearings comes weighing in at just under 13 pounds for a 17″ x 3.5″ wheel and just under 15 pounds for a 17″ x 5.5″ wheel.

RaceSpec race-only motorcycle wheel

RaceLoxPerformance Motorcycle Hubs


Performance Motorcycle Hubs

RaceLox performance cruiser hub assembly with bolts

Cruiser Hub

Our RaceLox hubs offer a perfect blend of style and function for not only race applications but also any performance style build. The term RaceLox refers to our locking set screws that put preload on the 12-point ARP bolt to ensure that no matter what the circumstances the hub bolts shall never back out on their own.

Our RaceSpec motorcycle wheels were designed to perform and the only way to maximize the performance is to equip the RaceSpec wheel with ceramic racing bearings. These ceramic bearings are designed to offer less friction which results in less heat due to friction. Unlike the traditional steel bearings that are great for extreme road conditions that we see on a daily basis.

Let’s just put it this way, less friction equals less heat which equals smoother, faster spinning bearings with a longer life expectancy. Now that we have the racing wheels and hubs figured out we moved on to one of the most crucial components which would be the performance rotors.

RaceLox performance bagger hub assembled with bolts

Bagger Hub

PR-1Motorcycle Racing Rotors


Motorcycle Racing Rotors

RaceSpec non-vented performance racing rotors

Non-vented Rotor

The PR-1 performance rotor was designed to offer the best and smoothest braking that SMT offers. Our motorcycle racing rotors are currently available in all sizes and have two choices of braking surfaces. Everyone rides differently and sometimes the environments can vary, that’s why we offer the two options.

If you’re racing where temps are high and will be experiencing hard braking the vented would be the way to go. The vented braking surface will help cool your rotor surface which in result will keep your entire braking system cool. Hot rotors will result in a hot fluid resulting in brake fade which you definitely do not want on a racetrack. The solid rotor may be a better option for cooler weather as cold rotors are just as bad as hot rotors.

Currently manufactured from 420 stainless steel, the newest addition to the PR-1 rotor will be with an aluminum center option. The aluminum center will offer weight reduction as well as additional heat displacement. To make things even better we will offer it in a black contrasting cut option. Be sure to follow our social media pages to always see the latest updates and be the first to see the newest releases.

RaceSpec vented performance racing rotor

Vented Rotor