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Media Reviews of Dream Bikes Built From SMT Machining Parts & Rims

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This is Danny Ruthless in his own words telling everyone why he loves SMT Machining motorcycle wheels on his stunt bike and race set up.

– Danny Ruthless, YouTube Review

“We use SMT Wheels. The fitment, customer service, and quality are second to none, just like our bikes. Thanks SMT for making a wonderful product.”

– Paul, Convict Customz, YouTube Review

“I want to give a big shout-out to SMT Wheels. We use them a lot. We give them some appreciation because they always come through for us a lot of times when we are rushing stuff. Give them a holler”

– Antonio Palermo, F-Bomb Baggers, YouTube Review

“We finally went 21! I got up with dealer Rick Francis and ordered our SMT Machining 21″ Twisted Steel Front Wheel and Metzler Tire! The craftsmanship on this wheel is pristine! Check them out…”

– Sik Baggers, YouTube Review


Randy Costilow motorcycle wheel review on Facebook
“They made me the most incredible wheel and matching speaker grills for my custom build. Matt and all the team at Smt are awesome to work with.”

– Randy Costilow, Facebook Review

Michael C. motorcycle wheel review on Yelp
“Was searching for someone to get me wheels for a few years everyone took my money said yes then when it came time to get the wheels it was always an issue so i found SMT WHEELS and they made it easy convenient and everything they said was on point delivery was exactly what they said it would be and I’m very happy with everything Spencer helped me get it done and I appreciate it.”

– Michael C., Yelp Review

Mike Cabrera Facebook review of the Hypex motorcycle wheel
“We at Backyard Air Suspension are always extremely happy with the service and the wheels we receive!! We put this 23′ Fat Tire Hypex Wheel on our Company bike & we are beyond happy. SMT is always helpful with any questions & respond in a timely manner. Our customers are always happy with the look of their wheels. Makes our job so much easier to have the quality wheels we receive. Thank guys, we look forward to continuing doing business with SMT Machining.”

– Mike Cabrera, Facebook Review

Dirty Spoke and Imitator motorcycle wheels review on Facebook
“Hands down the best wheels world wide! I live in Australia and have purchased 3 sets of SMT wheels and literally “Ride with the best” 100%.”

– John Clarke, Facebook Review

James Robinson motorcycle wheel review on Facebook
“Spencer is an all star, I order through him for all my needs he is always helpful even when I’m being a pain! Parts received from these guys are top notch and anyone buying from a different company is missing out!”

– James Robinson, Facebook Review

Cyler Porter reviews SMT's custom motorcycle wheels
“This is the best wheel manufacturer in the motorcycle world and the only one to do business with! A never-ending catalog of wheel series and designs, rotors, sprockets, and unparalleled customer service are just some of the reasons they stand out from the rest. Give Spencer a call and he will help you transform your ride into something that sticks out from the rest.”

– Cyler Porter, Google Review

Earl Alexander Google review

“I’ve been dealing with you guys for about 10 years or more, always good quality and awesome service. My sales rep Tim always handle my business in a professional way. Thanks Tim, and SMT for great service!!!!”

– Earl Alexander, Google Review

matt slye facebook review of SMT Machining
“SMT was great to deal with and the wheel I purchased was more than I could have imagined. The chrome is flawless, the fit was perfect, and the customer service is top-notch. Anyone looking for a custom wheel cannot go wrong with SMT. Hats off to you guys!!!!!”

– Matt Slye, Facebook Review

Alex Spaz, Facebook Review
“Well I have nothing but great things to say about the guys at Smt!! Not only are their wheels the best looking but hey let’s change the game and make a wheel no one else has!!! Love it. I bought in as soon as the 21×5.5 was released and haven’t looked back since. It’s nice doing buisness with people who care about ur satisfaction after they already got your money. I’ll be back for sure.”

– Alex Spaz, Facebook Review

simon roussel facebook review of SMT Machining
“Awesome product. They create pieces of art. Their wheels are beautiful, well made with quality part. Thanks a lot.”

– Simon Roussel, Facebook Review

matt slye facebook review of SMT Machining
“Amazing job and my wheel showed up 2 weeks faster”

– Larry Brawner, Facebook Review

simon roussel facebook review of SMT Machining
“I had pleasure of dealing with SMT on my new wheel order and purchase ,went the mile to give me a fantastic deal and also very good info on my questions were I’m upgrading my first Street glide. I highly recommend to deal with these guys . thanks again for all the help SMT.”

– Shane Greene, Facebook Review

matt slye facebook review of SMT Machining
“First of 2, 21” FAT TIRE builds complete!

We just finished up this badass fat tire build for one of our great customers.

21” Smt Machining F22 Bulldog Wheel. American Suspension trees and lower fork sliders. John Shope’s Dirty Bird Concepts loud lids. PRV Audio América Central 8” speakers in lids. Memphis Audio 6.5” speakers in front. Painted by Creative Concepts Collision Center.”

– Road Rage BikeWorks, Facebook Testimonial

simon roussel facebook review of SMT Machining
“Love my 26’ Blade Runner!!!”

– Erron Alor, Facebook Review

Alex Spaz, Facebook Review
“The Hawg Halters Inc. X-30 bolt on rake kit is a nice clean setup, first one I’ve used and I like it! 👍🏾👍🏾Got this street glide sitting right with the dirty 30 Smt Machining Narcos wheel (and YES IT HAS THE MATCHING REAR) #nohalfstepping. Thanks Tim Heger for always getting me together on the wheels. Surely one of the best reps in the business 👍🏾👍🏾”

– Henley’s Kustom Painting, Facebook Review

matt slye facebook review of SMT Machining
“Very happy with my 26″ wheel purchased with SMT, over the top best quality, production and shipping as well as fitment. this is by far the most attention this a Road King has gotten wheel is amazing and does not compromise the ride!!! Thanks SMT…”

– Will, Facebook Review

simon roussel facebook review of SMT Machining
“Mr. Ron Thomas, getting some headway..getting his 2018 Road Glide going our way…gonna have some nice features on this one, and will be killing it with our Insane Asylum Motorsports “Rehab” body from Scott Owens, with a 26 inch front wheel, from our boys Tim Heger and Martin Rajman over at Smt Machining…and plethora of other parts, from some of the top vendors in the industry that we use…still got a lot of chopping to do, but this RG is gonna sick!”

– Chattanooga Custom Cycle & Collision, Facebook Testimonial

Alex Spaz, Facebook Review
“Now thats one sexy rim from SMT Machining… Thanks Tim Heger for always doing great work. Always a pleasure doing business with people that always go above par…”

– Twisted Cycles LLC, Facebook Testimonial

Alex Spaz, Facebook Review
“Awesome to deal with, very good prices and went the extra miles to make sure I was happy with my order, highly recommend if your purchasing aftermarket parts.”

– Jeremy Greene, Facebook Review

simon roussel facebook review of SMT Machining
“We got some more killer 21” front wheels this week from the boys at SMT Machining for a couple of Street glide builds! The “edge cut and the “dirty hooker”. Contact us for all your custom motorcycle wheel dreams and options👍🏻”

– TJ Custom Cycle, Facebook Testimonial

matt slye facebook review of SMT Machining
“Getting close to rolling another FATTY! SMT Machining came through with this Killer 21×5.5 Narcos.”

– SMART Cycle Sound & Performance, Facebook Testimonial


“Great place to work. Overall good people and passionate about motorcycle wheels”

Charles Mccabe

Google Review, 9/15/2023

“This is the way a company should be. My rep Matt Brown was informative and went above and beyond. The rim quality of the chrome was flawless. I highly recommend any of their products.”

pat petito

Google Review, 9/10/2023

“SMT Spencer is the one of the best guys I have ever worked with.. not just for motorcycle stuff but in general.. thank you my friend.. great product great service.. not only employees but even the owners a great people.. SMT should be at the top of list for ur wheels.”

Joseph Trejo

Google Review, 8/18/2023

Lucky 13 DarkHorse

Google Review, 4/15/2023
markco Hannah

Google Review, 3/12/2023
“Top notch, helped me handle an issue with a terrible vendor, offered suggestions and helped get what I was owed and in a very quick manner, will post pics once bike is all together. Thanks again entire team, from the owner, to Spencer and Matt.”

Robert Bruton

Google Review, 2/18/2023

“SMT wheels are the best in the industry!! Bloodline Custom Cycles using them weekly.”

Scotty Roberts

Google Review, 2/13/2023

“Exceptional wheels, I’ve ordered several wheels from SMT, top notch service, Matt was very helpful and knowledgeable took time to answer ALL my questions.”

Steve /Shannon Sherlock

Google Review, 1/3/2023

“Best Motorcycle rims made”

Joseph Russell

Google Review, 1/2/2023

“amazing wheels, always flawless, with great prices, we buy SMT often”

Scotty Roberts

Google Review, 12/28/2022

“I was looking at getting some clean new wheels. Having a older bike made it a little more difficult so I called in and spoke with Spencer. He answered all my questions and got me the information I needed. If u want a good experience and someone to treat u as an equal and not make u feel dumb for asking question Spencer is your guy.”

Cameron Cummings

Google Review, 12/12/2022

“Spencer went above and beyond answering all my questions and made the process super smooth ask for him if your looking to get any rims he will take care of u”

Tim “Yogi” michel

Google Review, 12/8/2022

Mindy Hudson

Google Review, 12/6/2022

“best wheels by far great service Adam great sales”

Stephen Nielson
Facebook Review, 7/1/2022

“This company by far is the best of the best! I called this team at the last minute and they delivered! Their communication and skill set is above the standards! Any part I needed they were able to execute promptly, ultimately putting my bike back in the game! I will never utilize another company as they are my one stop shop for all my bike needs! I have never came across a company that execute so well! I will be telling all my fellow riders who to shop with! Again, thank you to the SMT Machining team for making this happen! Bring SMT Machining to the East Coast! LoL”

Cornelieus Jones

Google Review, 5/6/2022

“I have been doing business with SMT for over a decade. Their wheels fit and finish are always top notch. They go above and beyond each and every time. My salesman Tim makes the entire process from beginning to end simple and easy.”

M Shay

Google Review, 1/28/2022

“This place is amazing. Matisse is the guy who took care of all my questions. We had at least 30 emails and he took the time to answers all my questions. Very professional place. You can’t go wrong. They have a huge selection of wheels, rotors, tires for your motorcycle.”

Charles-Olivier Rochon

Google Review, 12/20/2021

“Adam has been phenomenal!! He answered all my questions and provided quality pictures of the two 3D wheels I was interested in. I have decided to upgrade my front wheel to the SMT 3D 23″ Chrome Torque Wheel and matching floating rotors..This Wheel is very unique with unmatched craftsmanship. I will definitely stand out in the Detroit Motorcycle Scene!!!”

B Rog

Google Review, 11/7/2021

“We are excited to order a wheel from SMT.. very satisfied with product selection, pricing, and customer service. Order was easy, and we cannot wait to get our customized wheel, pictures to follow in 8-10weeks.”

C Hopkins

Google Review, 10/24/2021

“SMT Machining has a wonderful team and variety of special products. Adam has been extremely helpful and patient every step of the way I’m happy with my choice and I’m happy with picking SMT, Thank you Adam!”

Josiah Perez-Leon

Google Review, 8/24/2021

“I had a great experience with SMT, I called my sales guy Spencer followed back up with me and made the sale smooth as possible!! Spencer is the guy if you looking for a good salesman!”

Jay Daise

Google Review, 8/9/2021

“I got a set of wheels from SMT and the quality of the wheels and finish was superb and perfect. I am ordering another set of wheels with a custom finish that no other companies can do. Customer service is the best you can wish for and get, and they do honour their promises. Will always buy wheels from them, only them. Great people.”

ali alattar

Google Review, 6/7/2021

“Professional staff. Always deliver on time and keep you updated with information along the way. We do a ton of business with SMT and they sell a superior, quality product. Our salesperson Tim is very professional and goes above and beyond on each order for us. Thank you for everything your team does for us at twin city cycle works.”

Mitchell Anderson

Google Review, 6/5/2021

“Topnotch company right here Martin and his staff took care of a problem I had with a wheel I purchased from an independent company and no questions asked they took care of it with no problem!!! Top of the line company if your in the market for a wheel!!!!”

Glenn Hearn
Facebook Review, 6/3/2021

“Ordered a wheel and tire combo from Adam . Adam was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Repeat customer here because of Adam.”

Tommy Tysdal
Facebook Review, 4/23/2021

“Great product and customer service is spot on”

Derrick Brady
Facebook Review, 3/8/2021

“I love smt wheels I’ve had a couple different styles i highly recommend them”

Robert White
Facebook Review, 3/8/2021

“Got my Lucky 7’s earlier than estimated, perfect powder coating and fitment. Great customer service and A+ quality products. Jeff, Adam, and Bob – thanks for the help”

Pete Italia
Facebook Review, 11/19/2020

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