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Guarantees & Warranties

Fitment Guaranteed

Our Wheels Will Fit “Like a Glove” Guaranteed

SMT Wheels guarantees perfect fitment with a full wheelset purchased which includes rotors, pulley/ sprocket and correct mounted tires. Using other aftermarket components on SMT wheels can in some cases cause fitment issues. If fitment issues shall arise, we here at SMT stand behind our product and our full team of knowledgeable sales associates will go above and beyond to make sure the problem is addressed and fixed as a priority. SMT does not guarantee fitment on wheel over factory sizes. Wheel installation shall be performed only by a licensed mechanic in order to ensure proper fitment of components.



The Chrome warranty on SMT wheels and products is one year from the delivery date and a three-year warranty for powder coating. The warranty is non-transferable and limited only to the original buyer. A copy of the invoice must be sent in with the wheel or product for the warranty to be honored. Products must be returned for inspection and the customer is responsible for shipping costs associated with returning the defective products to SMT Wheels for warranty inspection. Pictures of our wheels and products are taken before shipping for reference purposes. The deterioration of chrome plating is greatly dependent on consumer care and maintenance. Products should be maintained properly by cleaning with mild soap and water and waxing with a carnauba wax type cleaner. Small flaws and or marks are not considered a flawed product and are not subject to warranty. Defects due to road-related conditions such as salt, chemical sprays, and also improper cleaning are not covered by warranty.

The following are not covered by warranty:
Misuse, negligence, improper installation, collision, damage from wheel weights, damage to the chrome finish of wheel or accessory as a result of rock chips or similar road hazards, damage to chrome finish of wheel or accessory as a result of the use of acid-based cleaners, damage due to installment on a motorcycle other than the motorcycle in which it was designed for, damage due to repair or alterations by anyone other than SMT Wheels LLC.



**PLEASE NOTE CUSTOMERS MUST REPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIVING PRODUCT/WHEELS OF ANY DAMAGES OR IMPERFECTIONS THAT MAY HAVE OCCURRED DURING SHIPPING** SMT is not held responsible for any lost or stolen goods after delivery confirmation. SMT is not held responsible for any damages due to improper shipping. If the wheel is damaged or possibly stolen SMT will file a claim with the shipping company. This process can take up to 2-3 weeks and all claims are on a case to case basis. We here at SMT will always work with the customer to ensure all issues are properly resolved. For retail sales; All SMT wheels are shipped with an adult signature verification. It is the customer’s duty to ensure that an adult will be present with a valid driver license in order to accept the package. No refunds will be issued from SMT for lost or stolen packages scanned as “delivered” to the correct address.



Disassembly of any SMT wheel by anyone other than SMT may result in warranty termination. The SMT wheel assembly process consists of specific torque values, thread lockers as well as properly fit center crush tubes to ensure the longevity of certain components as well as the safety of the rider. All SMT wheels undergo strict inspections to ensure proper assembly of the wheel components. Improper assembly may cause serious injury or death.



Rotors, pulleys, sprockets, and bearings are considered wear items and are covered for the first 30 days from the delivery date. Replacement items can be purchased directly through SMT possibly at a discounted rate.



SMT racing wheels are designed and developed specifically for racing/ track use only and should not be used for street purposes or switched between track and street. Racing puts extreme stresses on all components. Using racing wheels outside of the track could result in injury.



PRODUCTS SHOULD BE MAINTAINED PROPERLY ON A CONSISTENT BASIS: Failure to maintenance components can result in failure and possible damages.
Finish: Clean product with mild soap and water DO NOT use harsh chemicals Apply carnauba wax on product every 2 weeks.
Rotors: Inspect rotor breaking surface for wear patterns as well as discoloration every oil change interval.
Pulley/ sprocket: Inspect both pulley/ sprocket teeth as well as belt and chain tension every oil change interval.
Bearings: Inspect wheel bearings for damaged or loose dust covers every oil change interval.



All SMT tires are mounted by a professional and aired up to exact PSI as stated on the tire. SMT advises that all customers must check tire air pressure prior to installation to ensure the customers safety as well as the handling of the motorcycle. When new tires are fitted onto an SMT wheel, the tires should NOT be subject to sudden acceleration, hard cornering and sudden breaking for at least 100 miles (160km). Failure to follow these guidelines may result in serious injury or even death.

Last modified: July 13, 2023