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What Is The Widest Wheel I Can Fit On The Front Of My Harley?

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Motorcycle Wheels, With Modification, Without Modification

Looking like a badass is not the only reason to install a wide wheel on the front of your Harley touring model, but it is certainly the most fun one. Wide wheels not only give you major street cred; they also offer more protection against slippage in wet conditions, provide a smoother ride and are highly capable of handling powerful engines.

That said, there are size limits to how wide you can go – with and without making modifications. Here, we tell you everything you need to know about the widest wheel that can fit on the front of your Harley.

What Is The Widest Wheel Size I Can Fit On The Front Of My Motorcycle Without Modifications?

While Harley touring models are well suited to wide wheels, they have limitations just like anything else. The widest wheel that will fit on these bikes is a 5.5” wide rim that runs a 180mm wide tire.

As long as you run a normal 21” wheel with a width of up to 3.25”, you will not need to make any modifications aside from possibly lifting the fender. The fender may need to be relocated depending on the model year.

What Is The Widest Wheel Size I Can Fit On The Front Of My Motorcycle With Modifications?

It is the distance between the fork leg that makes going wider than 180mm impossible. Trying to overcome this limitation by using a rake kit to run a 30, 26 or 23 x 5.5” Bulldog series wheel will not allow a wider tire. Instead, it will correct the steering for the larger diameter of the wheel assembly.

Mainly Meant For Touring Models

Older model Harley-Davidson motorcycles including FXRs, Sportsters and Dynas run a narrow glide front end. A wide wheel will not work on these; it is impossible to fit the 5.5” rim between the forks, let alone the tire. Wide tires are really meant for touring bikes.

However, wide wheels can fit on some of the cruisers with wide glide front ends, so if you own one of these motorcycles, you may be in good shape.

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