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SMT Has The Best 21 Inch Wheel For Your Bagger

21 inch motorcycle wheels from SMT are the best in the industry. Made from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum and with an attention to detail, our 21 inch bagger wheels are second to none. With 100’s of designs, four finishes, and 6,500+ powder coat colors to choose from, we have the perfect wheel for your bike. And because we use only the highest quality materials, you can be guaranteed that your 21 inch motorcycle wheel will last for years to come and fit like a glove.

Are you looking to take your ride to the next level? 21 inch motorcycle wheels from SMT are a great way to do it. These wheels offer superior performance and a sleek, cutting-edge look that will turn heads wherever you go. On most bikes, 21 inches is the max you can go without needing to change the rake on your bike. Perfect for the average garage motorcycle mechanic that doesn’t want to cut or weld. Just bolt on and ride.

5 Reasons To Convert To 21 Inch Motorcycle Wheel & Tire Packages

SMT Machining has 21 inch motorcycle wheels, a significant upgrade over stock. 21 inch wheels will make your bike look more aggressive, giving you a custom look without all the mechanical and technical hassles of a problematic install. With our performance series you can actually increase the handling and performance of your motorcycle.

21 inch wheels are the perfect size to make a statement on the road. A great way to turn heads and ride in style without swapping out most of the entire front end.


Smooth Ride

One of the most common questions at SMT is whether or not upgrading to a 21 inch motorcycle wheel will sacrifice ride quality. The short answer is no – you can improve your ride quality when pairing high-quality SMT wheels with high-quality suspension components. Making your motorcycle look great and perform even better than it did with most factory wheels.


Rides Like a Cadillac

There are many benefits to having a larger wheel, but the biggest one is the increased Angular Momentum. The larger diameter 21 inch wheel will keep your motorcycle more stable at higher speeds. Additionally, the extra weight of the 21 inch wheel will help to keep your bike planted on the road. So if you’re looking for a smoother ride and increased stability, a 21 inch wheel will keep you straight as an arrow.



A 21 inch motorcycle wheel is a popular upgrade from the smaller 16 to 18 inch OEM wheels that come standard on most bikes. Not only does it give your motorcycle a more proportioned and aggressive stance, but it also makes the wheel the center point of your bike.



The way we see it, it’s all in the little details. We take much pride in our work, which shows in the finished product. When you ride with the best of the best when you ride with SMT.


Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

When you ride with SMT, you ride with the best. That’s why a lifetime structural warranty backs our 21 inch motorcycle wheels. Your investment is protected because we use the highest quality materials and construction techniques. You can be confident that your wheel will provide years of trouble-free performance.

How to Choose SMT’s 21 Inch Wheel & Tire Package

  • SIZE: Choose 21″ x 2.15″, 21” x 3.25” or Bulldog 21” x 5.5”
  • FINISH: Comes in chrome, polished, gloss black, black double-cut, or 6,500+ powder coat colors
  • TIRE: 21 inch tires are available in Avon, Dunlop, Metzler, Michelin, Vee Rubber or Shinko. It comes mounted & balanced
  • RAKE KIT: Most bikes don’t require a rake at this diameter
  • ROTOR: Keep your existing or go with a matching rotor, performance floating rotor, or rapid cooling vented rotor; standard or oversized 13 inch (requires adapter); single or dual
  • HUB: Choose from a standard or SMT RaceLox lightweight racing hub
  • BEARINGS: Choose from standard or ABS bearings
Do I need to rake a 21 inch motorcycle wheel?

Most models of bikes do not need to change the rake. Give us a ring to consult if you have any questions about your make and model requirements.

Do I need a new front fender for my 21 inch motorcycle wheel?

Maybe. If going from 16 inch to 21 inches, you may need a new fender for the much larger diameter. A fender spacer may make the grade, but look a little weird or rub on the fork when you hit a bump. A new 21 inch fender tucks your tire away and will compliment the new rim.

Our 21 inch Fat Katz fenders come in Bulldog, classic, and wrap-around styles. They are made of steel and come unpainted.

Do I need a caliper adapter for 13 inch rotors?

When upgrading to oversized 13 inch rotors, an SMT adapter kit is an essential piece of equipment. These adapter kits have everything you need to install 13 inch rotors on your motorcycle.

Parts List for a 21 Inch Motorcycle Wheel Conversion

Fat Katz Fenders


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Caliper Adapter Kits

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