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SMT Harley S&S Air Cleaners and K&N Air Filters

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Motorcycle Performance

Everything You Need to Know About Air Cleaners and Air Filters

SMT Harley Performance Parts — S&S Air Cleaners with K&N Air Filter

Complete your custom motorcycle build with an American-manufactured S&S air cleaner made of high-quality billet aluminum and bolt-in parts. Included with the purchase is a custom cover to match your SMT wheel design and a performance K&N reusable air filter that is exposed for better airflow to add horsepower to your ride.

What is a Motorcycle Air Cleaner Kit?

A motorcycle air cleaner kit serves two purposes:

  • It provides the motorcycle engine with sufficient air to enable combustion that powers the bike; the more air pumped into the engine, the more power to the motorcycle wheels
  • Traps impurities that can damage the engine and keep the engine running smoothly at the highest performance

What’s important about air cleaners and the air filters they contain is that they provide both quantity and quality. If it were just a matter of pumping as much air as possible to the engine, you wouldn’t need an air filter. The problem is the air is dirty. Clean air burns better, which means better performance and better fuel efficiency. It also keeps out pollutant dirt and debris that can actually damage the engine.

The best-designed air cleaners use air filters to keep dirt and debris out of your bike’s motor while allowing as much air in as possible to ensure high performance.

The best-designed motorcycle air cleaners for Harley-Davidson bikes are S&S air cleaners. Which house the best K&N air filters.

What is a Harley S&S Air Cleaner?

Generations of Harley bikes use S&S air cleaners. Why? Because S&S Harley air cleaners have an Increased filter area, combined with a radiused inlet and unique S&S stinger design that allows smoother, faster airflow for more power.

Why S&S Performance Air Cleaners Are Better than Stock Air Cleaners

The many advantages and features of S&S Harley air cleaners compared to stock air cleaners include:

  • Easy installation
  • Washable K&N filter element
  • Pre-filters available
  • 38% increased airflow
  • Most are 50-state legal
  • It fits perfectly with SMT Wheels covers
  • American-manufactured

What is a Harley K&N Air Filter?

K&N is an industry leader in motorcycle air filtration to increase performance and protect motors. The company was founded by two motorcycle racers, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N), who developed a custom air filter design that not only efficiently captures contaminants but is also reusable. K&N air filters are made to last longer than your Harley, with a one million-mile guarantee!

Why K&N Performance Air Filters Are Better Than Stock Air Filters

The many advantages and features of K&N Harley air filters compared to stock air cleaners include:

  • Easy installation
  • Washable and reusable
  • Last up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required (mileage may vary depending upon driving conditions
  • It fits perfectly in S&S air cleaners
  • Legal in all 50 states
  • 1 million mile guarantee
  • Economical

Match S&S Harley Air Cleaners and K&N Air Filters with SMT Wheels Covers

Get a badass look combined with high performance when you combine S&S Harley air cleaners using K&N air filters with a range of SMT Wheels air filter covers. The shape flows with the line of your Harley bike, so you get an improved, streamlined look with improved, streamlined performance.

SMT Wheels custom Harley S&S air cleaner covers are made to match the SMT motorcycle wheels on your motorcycle; whether yours is a Road Glide or a Softail, we will forge it for you!

SMT Performance Wheels is proud to carry world-class Harley performance parts such as S&S Harley air cleaners and K&N air filters in an air cleaner kit that combines perfectly with our SMT Wheels covers. Elevate your ride and customize its look with American-manufactured air cleaner covers that are both stylish and practical.

SMT Custom Harley Air Cleaners

SMT Wheels custom Harley air cleaners are made to match the SMT motorcycle wheels on your motorcycle, be that a Road Glide, or an Indian Challenger, we will forge it for you!