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Upgrade Your Motorcycle To Fat Tires: Advantages & Disadvantages

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Motorcycle Tires, Motorcycle Wheels

When it comes to motorcycles, there is tough and there is badass tough. Upgrading your motorcycle to wide fat tires can amplify its toughness factor in a major way and give you solid street cred.

Fat wide tires have come a long way in recent years. Tires that are 150 mm in size are no longer considered the baddest of the biggies. Now, 330 mm tires are at the top of the fat tire food chain.

Enhancing the look of your bike is not the only reason to upgrade your motorcycle to fat tires. Keep reading to discover the benefits wide tires offer.

Pick Your Poison

You can put wide/fat tires on the front axle, the back of your bike or at both ends. Each option offers its own distinct set of advantages and disadvantages.

Riders who opt for wide front tires have the ability to handle corners better. Motorcyclists who like to live on the edge pick this option mostly, as this configuration can make their bike a bit twitchy. However, the bike is still responsive around corners.

Wide rear tires provide a better alignment, with the drawback being a tendency to push forward through turns rather than taking them in an agile way.

Upgrading your motorcycle to fat wide tires on both the front and back gives you the best of both worlds and provides specific advantages and disadvantages of having wide tires.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Upgrading Your Motorcycle To Fat Wide Tires

There are benefits and drawbacks to any motorcycle setup. You can expect the following if you upgrade your motorcycle to fat tires.

Advantages of Fat Tires

Fat tires excel at absorbing bumps on the road, giving you a smoother, more powerful ride.
A wide tire on the back of your bike helps keep you safe while riding in wet, rainy conditions because it guards against slippage.
Fat tires are perfectly equipped to handle strong motorcycle engines and manage power transfers.

Disadvantages of Fat Tires

Your bike will not handle as well with fat tires as it will with standard tires.
The flat shape of wide tires makes it more difficult to lean and turn corners while riding your bike.

4 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Wide/Fat Tires On Both Ends Of Your Motorcycle

Better traction because there’s more surface area contact on the ground.
More protection against slipping in wet conditions.
Healthier absorption of bumps on the road which results in a smoother ride.
Extra effective handling of bigger engines due to better distribution of power.

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